OEC Promotes Dam Safety Awareness Week

Oconto County – Oconto Electric Cooperative joins the Midwest Hydro Users Group (HUG) in promoting Dam Safety Awareness Week April 2-8, 2017, as proclaimed by Governor Scott Walker. At a time when recreational and fishing enthusiasts are returning to the waterways, OEC and HUG wish to heighten the awareness of hazards near dams. Many of the accidents and fatalities that occur near dams could be prevented by using common sense, practicing safety, staying clear of dams and understanding the dangers to be found near them.

Oconto Electric offers these common sense tips to stay safe on rivers and near dams:

  • Obey all warning signs, barriers and flashing lights, horns and sirens. They are there for a reason and it can be extremely dangerous to ignore them.
  • Wear a personal flotation device (life jacket).
  • Leave your boat motor running to provide maneuvering power.
  • Stay clear of spillways. Changing currents and “boiling” waves can make boat control difficult near dams.
  • Reverse currents occur below dams, they can pull a boat back toward the dam into the spillway and capsize it.
  • Never anchor boats below a dam because water levels can change rapidly.

Oconto Electric Cooperative, owner of the hydroelectric dam at Stiles wants boaters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the exceptional recreational resources found on rivers and dams in the region. People are urged to practice safe use of the areas so they can be enjoyed over and over again.