Time-of-Use Rate: Is it Right for You?

With the Time-Of-Use rate, the price per kilowatt-hour (kwh) is dependent on the time of the day that you purchase it. This rate is intended to give OEC members a financial advantage when they shift their usage to low demand (off-peak) hours. The table shows the price per kilowatt-hour using the Time-Of-Use rate.
Facility Charge $31.20
On-peak Energy $0.1707 per kWh
Off-peak Energy $0.0467 per kWh

The time that kilowatt-hours are purchased at the on-peak price is 8 AM – 8 PM , Monday through Friday. During this time you will purchase kilowatt-hours at $.1707.

Off-peak is all other times. That means from 8 PM – 8 AM during the week is off-peak as well as from 8 PM Friday through 8 AM Monday – the entire weekend. During off-peak times you will pay $.0467 per kilowatt-hour. There are also some holidays that are entirely off-peak. They are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Why Is The Time-Of-Use Rate Important To You?
There are two reasons this rate is important. First of all, electricity costs more to produce during on-peak hours, consequently OEC pays more for electricity purchased during that time. The more usage we can get our members to shift to the evenings and weekends (off-peak), the less we pay and that benefits everyone.

The second reason the Time-Of-Use rate is important is that most people who choose to go on this rate can save money. BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU USE ELECTRICITY. How much you change – by shifting your usage to off-peak hours – will directly affect how much you save on your electric bill.

How Will The Time-Of-Use Rate Affect You?
First you need to determine what appliances and equipment in your house use the most electricity…in general, this would be things that heat or cool. Some high use items include electric water heaters, space heaters, air conditioners, electric clothes dryers, electric ranges, hot tubs/saunas, water beds, welders and pool pumps. Being on the Time-Of-Use rate means you must decide what can be shifted to off-peak hours.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

• Your electric water heater can be shut off during on-peak hours by putting it on a timer.
• Wait until after 8 PM to use your dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer.
• If you have an electric range, cook large meals on the weekend and just reheat them during the week.


How Do You Sign Up For The TOU Rate?
Click here to download the form, complete and sign it and send the form to: Oconto Electric Cooperative, PO Box 168 , Oconto Falls WI 54154 . Or return it with your monthly electric payment. Here are some other terms and conditions:

• This rate will apply until the member notifies OEC and requests a change to a different rate.
• Upon terminating service under this rate, a member shall be ineligible to renew this rate for a minimum period of one year.
• Members served by this rate waive all rights to billing adjustments based on comparisons to other rates.
• This rate cannot be combined with the controlled water heating credit or the centeral air conditioner control credit. Existing LMR may be left in place but the credit not will be available to accounts on the Time-Of-Use rate.

Once OEC receives your completed form, your account will be switched to the time-of-use rate at the beginning of the next billing period – usually the first day of the month.