Air Conditioning Load Management Program

air-conditionerBeing a part of this program means you will allow OEC to manage your central air conditioning load during periods of high demand. OEC manages that load by cycling central air conditioners off and back on at 20-30 minute intervals until the peak demand has passed. A home that is reasonably energy efficient should not experience more than a degree or two of temperature increase during control times.

Periods of high demand will typically occur between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. That does not mean OEC will control your air conditioner load every day. For example, if on July 1st it is 95 degrees and humid, we would definitely manage air conditioning load that day. Let’s say for the rest of July the temperature never got above 85 degrees – chances are good that OEC would not manage central air conditioners during the rest of that month because the demand would not get higher than it did on July 1st.

If you decide to be part of Oconto Electric’s Air Conditioning Load Management program, you will receive a one-time $25 credit on your electric bill for signing up, plus an $8 credit on your electric bill during the consumption months of June, July, August and September as long as you use a mimimum of 400 kilowatt-hours during each of those months. To sign up, simply click here, print out the agreement, sign and return it to Oconto Electric Cooperative, PO Box 168, Oconto Falls WI 54154.