What is GenerLink? It is a socket-mounted transfer switch that is installed behind your electric meter.

What does GenerLink do? The switch allows you to easily and safely connect a portable generator at your home during a power outage.

How does GenerLink work? It delivers the generator power directly to your electrical panel which eliminates the hassle of running extension cords throughout your home.

What are the perks of GenerLink? 

• Always installed, use it when you need it

• No rewiring or sub-panel required

• Compatible with 200 ampere service or less

• Prevents back feeding to the utility line

Important facts:

• Requires a 240V, four-pronged outlet on the generator

• Available in a 30 and 40 amp models. (The size of your generator will dictate the size of the GenerLink model required) 

• They fit most meter sockets

• Optional cord lengths, surge protection and Bluetooth available

How do I get a GenerLink?

• Directly from GenerLink at

What do I need to do after I have purchased my GenerLink? Contact OEC to complete the Generlink agreement and schedule an installation appointment.

How much does the installation cost? OEC will provide one free trip for installation.