Water Heater Load Management Program

WaterHeaterCutBeing a part of this program means that you will allow Oconto Electric to manage your water heater during times of high demand. OEC will manage your water heater by shutting it off through the use of a radio-controlled load management receiver. As electric demand rises, OEC will determine when water heaters must be controlled. When the water heater is shut off, you will still be able to use the hot water in your tank. When OEC’s demand starts to go down, water heaters will be allowed to come back on. Control periods can last up to about four hours at a time.

The benefits of this program include:
• Being able to purchase a high-efficiency Marathon electric water heater at a reduced price
• Free parts and labor to maintain the water heater for 6 years from the date of purchase
• $5 monthly bill credit when electric bill is 400 kilowatt-hours or more

Marathon Water Heaters – Hot Water for Life!

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