MainStreet Messenger

MainStreet Messenger is an emergency response service that helps make independent living a reality while giving peace of mind to the families whose loved ones prefer to stay in the comfortable surroundings of their own home.

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MainStreet Messenger Unit Options

Land Line

The cooperative will install a Linear unit which connects to your working home telephone line. Your telephone simply plugs into the unit.


The cooperative will install a unit which run off of cellular. This unit is not a mobile on the go device. It is still meant to be used inside the home and directly outside of the home.

Service Area

Serving parts of Oconto, Marinette & Shawano counties. Please call to verify availability.

How much does it cost?

Land Line: The service fee is $30.00 per month with a one-time installation fee of $25.00.

Cellular: The service fee is $40.00 per month with a one-time installation fee of $35.00.

How MainStreet Messenger Worksfall-detector-pendant-with-autoalert-fall-sensor-3.gif

A medical alert pendent will be given to you to wear around your neck. This pendent can detect when a sudden fall occurs and will signal the Cooperative Response Center (CRC) that you need help. You can also simply press the medical alert button to call for help. Within seconds, someone from the response center will attempt to speak to you through the speaker on the unit. At that time you will communicate with CRC to request the help you need. CRC will then contact someone from the list of responders that you provided during the installation, and let them know that you need assistance. Responders should be people that live near you so they can respond to your need for help quickly. CRC can also call a rescue squad if the situation requires additional help.

Customer Support

A cooperative employee is available seven days a week to help you with such things as maintenance of the unit or pendant. There is no extra fee for these services. When the unit is installed, you provide information about your address, phone number, medical history as well as names and addresses of the people you would like called if you need help.  If any of this information changes, please call OEC.  We will take care of getting those changes to the response center.

MainStreet Messenger Facts

• The pendent has a fall sensor designed to detect falling movement of the client and will activate the main unit to call for help.

• The pendent is water resistant and shall be worn in the bath or shower, as it is intended to be worn at all times.

• In the event of a power outage, the back up battery in the base unit will power the unit for over 24 hours. (This feature doesn’t work if you have phone service through a cable company.)

• The battery of the pendant can be quickly and easily replaced with a standard Lithium 3v battery, provided by OEC.

• The unit can support multiple pendants.

• A trained responder is at CRC 24-hours a day, seven days a week to answer emergencies. Your call for help will NEVER go unanswered.

• Unit will be tested during installation and you will be asked to test it once a month after the initial installation.

• All of your personal information is kept confidential.

• No age limit as to who can use the MainStreet Messenger.

• Installation, billing and customer support services are locally provided.

• Installation takes only 30-60 minutes.

• No long-term contracts to sign.

History of the MainStreet Messenger

Oconto Electric Cooperative (OEC) has provided the MainStreet Messenger program since 1999 with excellent results. We have over 90 clients, who, along with their families, are very pleased with our program. OEC has been an electric provider for over 80 years, so we are here to stay. We provide on going support to our valued MainStreet Messenger clients. We’re just a phone call away to answer your questions or provide service on the equipment. We are here to help you.

How do I get my MainStreet Messenger?

Contact Us by email or you can call the Member Services Department at Oconto Electric Cooperative for more information or to schedule the installation of the MainStreet Messenger Emergency Response System. Call (920) 846-2816 or toll-free 1-800-472-8410.