Understanding Load Management

Load Management, also known as demand response, is a utility’s solution to decreasing high load demand on its electrical system. This reduces the overall cost of power for the co-op and shrinks our carbon footprint. Oconto Electric Cooperative has the ability to monitor the demand of our system. If the demand is peaking or extremely high, the cooperative needs to reduce load. This reducing demand is accomplished in two ways – by temporarily managing, or shutting off, electric loads using a radio-controlled switch or using a special electric rate that encourages off-peak usage of electricity.

Load Management Receiver: A load management receiver (LMR) is a radio-controlled device that will be installed either a on a particular appliance or on the breaker panel serving an electric heat application. An OEC technician will complete this installation. OEC can send signals to the LMR which allows the appliance or heat system to be shut off during the high demand periods. Control periods are performed on an “as needed” basis or when load needs to be reduced.

The tabs below list our load management programs that are available to OEC Members.
OEC’s Dual Fuel Program
Water Heater Load Management Program
Air Conditioning Load Management Program

What do the different lights on my load management controller mean?