Community Change

Since 1999 Oconto Electric Members have had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful program called Community “Change”. Members can sign up to have their electric bills rounded up to the next whole dollar, with the extra money going into the
Community “Change” fund.

Civic groups, charitable organizations and people that have experienced a catastrophe in their lives (such as illness or fire) can apply for Community “Change” grants. Quarterly, the Community “Change” board of directors (a group of seven individuals Loose Change copynot employed by OEC) meets to look at applications for Community “Change” funds. Grants are awarded based on how much money is available and whether or not the purpose of the request is consistent with Community “Change” guidelines.

One hundred percent of donations made to Community “Change” are awarded as grants. To date, Community “Change” has distributed over $170,000.

Members who choose to contribute to Community “Change” give an average of $6.00 per year. There is an option to give more by adding an extra dollar amount to the rounded up change. For example you can choose to round up your electric bill and donate an additional $2 each month.

If you are already a contributor to Community “Change”, THANK YOU. If not, won’t you please consider signing up as a contributor? It is one of the most rewarding things you can do for literally pennies a month.

I would like to apply for the Community “Change” grant.

If you want to be contributor to Community “Change”, or if you want to increase your current donation, simply click here to print the donation form.

Send completed forms to:

Oconto Electric Cooperative
PO Box 168
Oconto Falls WI 54154

I would like to apply for the CHANGE MATTERS grant.